2023-2024 Board Members

Tom Hayward - President (Term expires Feb '25)

Bill Montague - Vice President (Term expires Feb '26)

Mike Raulston - Treasurer (Term expires Feb '26)

Sue Dickens - Member at Large (Term expires Feb '27)

Mike Loomis - Member at Large (Term expires Feb '27)

Board of Directors Code of Ethics

For general inquiries to the board email inquiry.board.mcalpin@gmail.com. Your inquiry will be immediately given to the board member(s) best positioned to handle the request so that you get the fastest and most accurate response.

If you would like to provide anonymous feedback (compliments/ complaints/ other) click on this link. Although the McAlpin board will see your feedback, they will not be able to respond to you (unless you choose to supply your email address).

If you need to file a formal complaint regarding an offense within the community click here for the form to submit.

Towne Contacts

Shannon Chapman, CMCA
Email: ShannonChapman@TowneProperties.com
Phone: 513.751.5040 x 1591
Emergency Line: 513.751.5040

Lynn Worpenberg
Email: LynnWorpenberg@towneproperties.com
Phone: 513-604-5878 (Lynn Worpenberg or Jodi Smith)
Emergency Line: 513.751.5040

McAlpin Committees

McAlpin Committees are established to serve the board and community with specific interests as described below. Joining a committee is on a volunteer basis and is ideally done at the beginning of one of the 2 sign-up periods usually done in December and June. We ask that if you join a committee that you participate, agree to be available for committee meetings and discussions, and that you anticipate being available through the entire 6-month service period.

Committee Code of Ethics

By-Laws Committee (TBD)

Design Committee

Coordinates design recommendations for the McAlpin common areas, by use of professional designers and/or architects, that will best embody the building's image and increase its marketability and property value.

Events/Welcome Committee

Organizes events throughout the year with the purpose of getting the residents of the McAlpin together for social occasions. Additionally, they function to welcome and help onboard new residents into the McAlpin community.

Finance Committee

Reviews all McAlpin financial statements, manages the budget, advises the board on operating and financial reserve accounts, and is the sounding board for all significant financial considerations.

Landscape Committee

Oversees the planted elements that will enhance the McAlpin outdoor spaces- primarily the deck and the front entrance.

Maintenance Committee

Oversees maintenance, repairs, and general upkeep of the structure, common areas and grounds. The committee advises, supports, and makes recommendations to the board of directors on all matters of facilities management and maintenance.

Marketing Committee (TBD)

Join our Private Community Facebook Group

Go to the McAlpin's on 4th Facebook page, and request to join. This is a social group for owners and residents of our community. The purpose is to share news and announcements of a positive nature that are of interest to the community as a whole.